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Why should you move to Wilson County?

We have a saying in here town that "Wilson County is the place to be." It's great to say things like that, but WHY is Wilson County the place to be? Our good friend and local real estate agent, Ginny Newell, wrote a great article on this "Why" and we've included it below.

I can’t give you an objective opinion, since I’ve grown up here. I don’t know what it’s like to live anywhere else! I have no intentions of ever leaving, the good Lord willin! Here are my top reasons for living in Wilson County:

  1. Location. Wilson County is located on I-40 on the east side of Nashville. There are many reasons why this is the perfect location! If you drive into Nashville for work in the morning, and back home in the evening, the sun is at your back so you’re not having to squint! Nashville International Airport (BNA) also east of Nashville, just a few miles up the road from Wilson Co, so you don’t have to go through Nashville to get to it! The east side of Nashville is also closer to the Smoky Mountains. Need a quick getaway? The mountains are always calling and you can get there before you know it! The east side of Nashville is also the ONLY side with a commuter rail, the Music City Star! You can park in Wilson County and catch a train ride to work or a Titans games downtown!

  2. Outdoor life. Old Hickory Lake, Percy Priest Lake, Cumberland River, Cedars of Lebanon State Park, Long Hunter State Park, wildlife, etc.

  3. Wilson County Fair. The BEST county fair EVER!

  4. People. Genuine, nice, God-fearing folks. When people see you, they greet you and ask how you’re doin!

  5. Quality of life. Lower property taxes, lots of job opportunities, top-rated schools, and great churches.

  6. Shop Wilson County first. Everything you could ever need is right here, and if it ain’t here, you don’t need it lol! Entertainment, hotels, shopping, restaurants, etc. Our county does a great job keeping its residents shopping here instead of sales tax going to surrounding counties!

If you’re curious about Wilson County, I invite you to come by for a visit and let us show you around!

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