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What is a Mortgage Escrow Account?

When you're buying a house, you'll hear about something called a "mortgage escrow account." It might sound complicated, but it's actually a helpful tool for managing some important expenses related to your home.

mortgage escrow

What's a Mortgage Escrow Account?

Think of an escrow account as a special savings account. When you get a mortgage to buy a house, your lender might set up this account for you. You don't use this account to buy video games or snacks. Instead, it's used for two main things: paying your property taxes and your homeowner's insurance.

How Does It Work?

Each month, when you pay your mortgage, you'll pay a little extra. This extra money goes into your escrow account. It's like putting a part of your money aside so you don't have to worry about big bills later.

Paying Taxes

Property taxes are what you pay to your city or county for things like schools, roads, and police. These taxes can be pretty expensive, and they're due once or twice a year. Instead of having to save up and pay this big amount yourself, your escrow account does it for you. It takes a bit of your mortgage payment each month and, when the tax bill is due, pays it on your behalf.

Paying Insurance

Homeowner's insurance is super important. It protects your house from things like fires, storms, or burglaries. Just like with taxes, your escrow account takes a small part of your mortgage payment and uses it to pay your insurance bill when it's due.

Why Is It Helpful?

Having an escrow account means you don't have to worry about saving up for these big bills. It makes managing your home expenses easier and helps you budget better. Plus, it gives you peace of mind knowing that your taxes and insurance will be paid on time, without you having to mark your calendar.


So, a mortgage escrow account is like a trusty helper that takes care of your big home-related bills. It helps you spread the cost over the year and ensures you're never late on your tax or insurance payments. As a homeowner, it's one less thing to worry about, giving you more time to enjoy your new home!

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