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Amazon Wish List Contest

Attention all Tennesseans, students, parents, teachers, and education enthusiasts! It's time to come together and show some love for our outstanding schools in the Volunteer State. We are thrilled to announce the Tennessee Schools Contest, a unique opportunity to support and recognize the educational institutions that make a significant impact on our communities.

This contest is all about spreading positivity, appreciation, and support for our hardworking educators and schools. We invite you to participate by nominating your favorite Tennessee-based school to give them a chance to win big!


How the Contest Works:

Nominate Your Favorite School: Starting today, you can register and nominate any Tennessee-based school that holds a special place in your heart. Whether it's a school that your child attends, a school you graduated from, or a school that's making a remarkable difference in students' lives, this is your chance to let the world know about them.


Spread the Word: Share this contest with your friends, family, and fellow Tennesseans to rally support for your nominated school. The more nominations, the better the chances of winning!

Winner Announcement: The contest will run until August 31, 2023. On this day, the school with the highest number of nominations will be declared the grand winner of the contest!

A Special Gesture of Gratitude:

As a token of our appreciation for the dedicated educators, we have a plan in store for the winning school. We will coordinate the disbursement of a generous $3,000 fund to fulfill any remaining Teacher Amazon Wishlists at the school. This means that teachers will have the opportunity to enhance their classrooms and provide an even better learning experience for the students.


Remember, the impact of education goes far beyond the classroom walls. By participating in this contest, you play a vital role in fostering a culture of appreciation and support for education in our state.

So, what are you waiting for? Let your voice be heard, and let's shine a light on the exceptional schools that make Tennessee proud. Nominate your favorite school now using the form below and let the spirit of camaraderie and celebration begin!

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