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Who do you call first after an accident?

You are at a 4 way stop. You and the car across the way arrive at the same time. You have your turn signal on to go left. They have no signal on. You motion for them to go ahead. They don’t go, so you proceed to press the gas and begin to turn left. All of the sudden they decide to pull out and turn right, which is the same direction as to where you were headed. You hit the side doors pretty hard together and both mirrors hit the pavement.

Who do you call first after an accident?

Step 1. Police. They will be able to contact the tow truck and any medical attention if needed. They also will take your insurance information.

Step 2. Check all of the potential passengers and your belongings to make sure everyone/everything is safe.

Step 3. Call family and/or close friends to assure them you are ok and give them a brief explanation on what has happened.

After you do these 3 basic steps, exit the vehicle if you are able to and check the perimeter of the car. Take pictures of your vehicle and the scene. Check on the other driver, and inform them that police are on the way and y’all will discuss the situation when they arrive at the scene. Do not discuss faults. You may take photos of each other's IDs and Insurance cards. Start making notes of what you need to inform the police about.

Overall, being involved in an accident of any kind can be scary and overwhelming. We hope you never have to use these steps, but if you do ever get into any accident, these are the best steps to follow.

As an insurance agency, we care about your safety first. Don’t be afraid to give us a call and we will do our best to assist you as much as we can in these situations.

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