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What is an independent insurance agent?

Hey guys! CJ Hutsenpiller here with Hutsenpiller Insurance and today I am going to do a little demonstration on why most financial planners, CPA’s, and other financial professionals recommend using an independent insurance agent to shop your insurance every year.

This deck of cards represents the insurance marketplace. You do, what pretty much everybody else does when they shop for insurance, you do a quick google search. You run through some cards. Maybe do a little yahoo searching and you’re done. You go with the top result. Well in your case that top result happened to be a captive insurance company that only provided you one quote and it happened to be an 8. Well an 8 is pretty good. It is still better than 57% of the deck. But what about the other 43%? That is savings that you’re leaving laying on the table.

Well at Hutsenpiller Insurance, we have that 8, but we also have other carriers. We can keep shopping, and keep shopping until we find you the best coverage for the best price. Period. Also we offer all of this online, where as A lot of agents will say you need to fill out a form and they will call you back. We provide you all our quotes in real time. We don’t deal with Jokers very well, and that is the way that we do business. You get all our quotes, in real time. So remember at Hutsenpiller Insurance, we play with a stacked deck.

Want to get a quote, try out our comparative rate by clicking here.

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