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Not All RV Insurance is Created Equally

Constantly traveling? Living on the road? Love camping? We can insure your RV! When it comes to insuring your RV there are things that are guaranteed with us, that many of your other typical policies can't or won't cover. This includes things such as total loss replacement and roadside assistance. If your breakdown on your travel day, we will be able to provide assistance to get you to the nearest qualified repair facility without you having to pay the crazy towing fees.

Going camping? We got you covered if anything goes wrong. Our Vacation Liability includes $10,000 of coverage for campsite mishaps. Great right? Don't be afraid to travel the world with your family in your RV, as long as it is insured with us!

Coverage RV Policy Typical Policy

Total Loss Replacement

​We can replace your vehicle with a new vehicle of the latest model year, even if the prices have gone up.

​ACV only

Vacation Liability

Our coverage includes $10,000 of coverage of campsite mishaps if the customer purchased Physical Damage coverage.

No, or not primary

Emergency Expense

​We include $750 of coverage for a rental car and lodging if the customer purchased Physical Damage coverage.


Roadside Assistance

​Towing an RV can be very expensive - much more than what the typical auto policy reimburses. Our "Sign and Drive" Roadside Assistance will transport your insured's RV to the nearest qualified repair facility, eliminating the worries of tow maximums and out-of-pocket expenses.

​Yes, $50 - $75

Replacement Cost Personal Effects

​We will pay the full replacement cost of the RV's contents with no depreciation. Up to $99,000 of coverage is available.

​No, or not primary

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