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Not All Boat Insurance is Created Equally

Alright y’all, let’s talk about watercrafts. When it comes to doing your insurance with us, you will get total coverage and total replacement in the event of an accident. Whereas with your typical policies, you will receive neither. And it doesn’t even stop there. You can also have coverage on any environmental damages such as fuel spills. This would not even be a thought with a typical policy on your watercraft.

Now to the fun stuff, such as, water skiing, wakeboarding, and any other water sport activities. ALL of these are included with liability and Med Pay coverage that would not be covered by typical policies with other carriers. Another potential problem that can be covered with us is unlimited roadside assistance. Picture this. You’re driving on Benders Ferry, so ready for your lake day with your family. Then all the sudden, you break down. Don’t worry! Even if the vehicle you are driving isn’t insured with us (it should be though!), we will cover the breakdown since we insure the boat is being towed! So, to all of you buying boats and any other watercraft, we are just one call away!

Coverage Watercraft Policy Typical Policy

​Agreed Value

Available on any boat eligible for Physical Damage coverage. In the event of a total loss, this pays amount shown on declarations page, regardless of current market value. Agreed Value protects against depreciation.

Actual Cash Value Only

Total Loss Replacement

​Available on newly purchased boats up to one model year old. In the event of a total loss, replaces the insured boat with a new boat. Once the boat is over five model years old, we pay the amount shown on the declarations page. Protects against depreciation and inflation.

Not Available

Total Loss Coverage

​Available on previously untitled personal watercraft up to one model year old. This optional coverage pays the MSRP of a current model year PWC of the same make and model, less the applicable deductible. Qualifying PWCs can keep this coverage until the PWC is three model years old at renewal, at which time the settlement option becomes Actual Cash Value.



​Coverage applies to all inland waterways and all bodies of water within 75 miles of the US and Canada: 125-mile navigation limit endorsement available.


Propulsion Plus Mechanical Breakdown

​Provides coverage for the lower units of outboard motors, and the upper and lower units of inboard/outboard motors in the event of a mechanical breakdown, including those caused by wear and tear.


Environmental Damage

Fuel Spill and Wreckage Removal coverage included with all policies.


Unlimited Roadside Assistance

Covers breakdowns while the boat is in tow - even if the tow vehicle isn't insured by us.


Watersports activities, waterskiing, wakeboarding

Included with Liability and Med Pay coverages.

Not covered

Replacement costs for on-board items

Offers primary coverage for personal effects and fishing equipment.

Depreciated and Limited - could affect HO coverage eligibility

Sign and Glide on-water towing

Help comes to your customer if they are stranded on the water and need fuel, a jump, or tow.


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