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Learn about Tina's story in Mount Juliet, Tennessee

They are always saying you are who you surround yourself with. Well for me, that is Mount Juliet. In 1967, 7 years old, I moved here from Huntsville, Alabama. My family and I lived on W. Caldwell St. right here in the heart of the city. I have been here for over 50 years, longer than Mount Juliet has been Mount Juliet. Growing up with my parents and my 3 older brothers, I learned so many life lessons that I truly do and will cherish forever.

The first job I ever had was a waitress at the Cedar Creek Yacht Club. I worked there for 7 years, and it still to this day, the best job I’ve had. I graduated from Mount Juliet High School in 1978. I was very involved in being a Bear. I was even awarded Most School Spirit the year I graduated for Senior Superlatives. Growing up in a small town as it was, I met so many lifelong friends that I still know and love. I loved getting to wear the name of this amazing city across my

chest for 4 amazing years. Once I graduated, I was ready to start my life, but I truly had no idea where that would take me.

I met my husband Rick, and we had 2 children together, CJ and Bekah. Growing up, they were both very involved in the Little League Park; CJ played baseball and Bekah played softball. Many of the people that they played with are still lifelong friends of them and our family. Both of them graduated from Wilson Central High School. I raised my kids in this town because I was proud to be raised here too. And I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

I started my business in 1992; Hutsenpiller Insurance. I had 2 employees and was ready to get my name off the ground. I immediately joined the Chamber of Commerce and have been a part of that amazing community ever since. 30 years and forever to go, I have met so many people through that program that have become lifelong friends that I will have by my side forever. People always ask me how I like the growth of this city. My response is easy, “Better growth for my business and my family.”

Mount Juliet, Tennessee will always be home sweet home to me. Whether you are looking to start a family, open a business, or even just a fresh start, this city will welcome you with open arms just like it did to me all of those years ago. As a business owner, mom, friend, we would love to have you in our city.

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