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Hutsenpiller Insurance Sponsors Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter Pets

As a lot of you know, this year marks 30 years of Hutsenpiller Insurance being in business. We're always trying to find creative ways to give back to the community that has given so much to us. So this year we wanted to do something new, and we had a crazy idea...

You guys know we love animals here at Hutsenpiller Insurance. So how could we incorporate that and still give back to our community?

That turned our attention to Mt. Juliet Animal Care & Control.

There are hundreds of amazing dogs that end up at this shelter every year. HUNDREDS.

What if an organization stepped up and said "we can help" and offered to pay ALL the adoption fees for any animal adopted from the shelter?

Okay, bet. We'll do it.

So...for the foreseeable future, Hutsenpiller Insurance is going to step up and sponsor every dog at the Mt. Juliet Animal Shelter.

Every. Single. One.

An adoption fee should not prevent any family that will give a shelter dog a good home from doing so. So won't. As you can imagine, we are huge dog lovers here at Hutsenpiller Insurance. Take a fun quiz ro see if you can match up our team members with their pets!

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