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12 Christmas Gifts that can affect your insurance

Jingle bells often turn into insurance fails. When we get an amazing gift at Christmas, it's rare that we stop to think... "I wonder what this will do to my insurance." Below is a list of 12 popular Christmas gifts that should warrant a conversation with your insurance agent.

  1. ATV / Boat / SxS / Motorcycle / Dirt Bike - It's all fun and games until someone gets hurt - then it's a lawsuit! Liability for operation on these vehicles rarely comes from any other place than their own insurance policies. You need to check and make sure you are covered before operating.

  2. Jewelry - A standard home insurance policy has limitations on jewelry, some with as low of limits as $1,500. Anything with a value over the $1,500 threshold should trigger a conversation with your agent.

  3. Trampoline - Cute kids, huge liability.You'll want to check that your carrier allows trampolines and that your personal liability coverage is adequate. We recommend a minimum of $500,000.

  4. Car / Truck / SUV - Duh, right? Well sometimes Santa slips a car under the tree without chatting with your insurance first. Make that call!

  5. Dog - We love dogs. LOVE them. However, they can be a potential liability exposure. Call your agent to review your liability coverage.

  6. Pool / Slide / Diving Board - see 3 & 5

  7. Firearms - Most policies have a limit for the amount of coverage they have for firearms. If you received a shiny new shotgun for Christmas - you'll want to check with your agent to make sure it's covered.

  8. Large TV / Entertainment System - While these things are typically covered by home and renters insurance policies - there can be limitations. Be sure that your policy has adequate per item coverage amounts.

  9. Golf Cart / E-Bike / Mini bike - See #1

  10. Swing set - When the neighbors kid breaks their arm jumping out of the swings - are you covered? Maybe, maybe not. It's best to have a conversation with your agent about your liability protection.

  11. Ring Doorbell / Cameras - Many of your forward thinking insurance carriers will offer discounts for this kind of technology! Never hurts to check!

  12. Pony - or any livestock for that matter. That can be another big liability exposure you need to make sure you are protected from.

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